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Leicester City : Premier League Champions

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The Season hasn’t ended yet but Leicester City are champions. What a fairy tale story. A year ago, the aim was for them to stay in the premier league which they scarcely managed to achieve. I guess you could say with time, fortune changes as well. What a turnaround. Riyad Mahrez announced as PFA player of the year, Jamie Vardy breaking Van Nistelrooy’s record for scoring in 11 consecutive games and also being named the football writers’ association footballer of the year, Premier League Champions and playing in the champions league next season when the aim for this season was again to stay up.

There were many raised eyebrows when it was announced that former Chelsea and AS Roma manager Claudio Ranieri would be at the helm at Leicester City Football clubs prompting former Leicester City Striker Gary Lineker to brand his appointment as “uninspiring”. Not just Gary Lineker, his appointment…

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College Life a.k.a No life

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Hey, guys! I’m finally back to blogging, something I’ve really missed in the last 4 months. WOW!!! Four months since I’ve written a post. Getting used to college is not easy. First, living away from my parents, next getting used to the new culture, not forgetting to make new friends and lastly the health scare that I had recently. It was not about managing my time but rather managing my emotions and mental health. I was not always the happy most positive person this year. It was hard coping with these drastic changes. Now that I’m better, I’ve decided to continue blogging.

Ask anyone who lives away from home and they will tell you how much they miss their family. Likewise, it was difficult for me to be without them for the last 5-6 months. I used to be very dependent on my parents from cooking to laundry to getting my uniforms ready. Yes !I was an 18-year-old baby. However coming to college meant that I had to start becoming independent and live on my own. I had to do my own chores for no one was going to do that for me. My mother should have sent a helper to me instead… HAHAHA. Within the first few months,I got used to the routine of rearranging the books and clearing any small mess on a daily basis and doing the major cleaning like vacuuming and doing the laundry every weekend. Talking about doing the laundry reminds me of this incident. I had absolutely no idea that woolen clothing would shrink after washing. It was winter in California, technically because California’s winter is nothing compared to new york’s, and I loved wearing the ugly Christmas sweaters with a pair of leggings and ankle boots. Once, while doing laundry,I put one of my woolen sweaters with the normal clothes. It came out looking like something even my 9- year- old brother would not fit into. I learnt my lesson after that horrifying incident and started to separate my laundry into different batches. Well… at least I learnt something??


This was the top  that became so small *sobs*

Coming from an Asian country, I found the culture in America rather different. However, I got used to the American culture pretty fast as my college had amazing programs for international students like myself and my cousins who are studying here helped me a lot. It was a huge culture shock but it was a good change. I made many new friends. Though I might not be as close to them as how I was with my friends back in Singapore, the people here are amazing and friendly. A stranger who walks beside you will just walk to you and smile or say ‘hey’. This was something I’d never seen in Singapore. People here are very friendly and easily share many life experiences with you even if you hadn’t known them for long. This is something I admire. I have never been a person that can tell or write what’s on my mind. This is surely something I can learn fro  them.



Joyce says hi

College life is nothing but me being lifeless and studying all day. Honestly, I have never worked as hard as how I am working now. I used to leave studying to the last minuite but now I’m studying daily. My textbooks would be clean and almost brand new but now, well they look brand new because I have OCD and I love keeping things neat, I have a huge file just for the amount of practice I do. Apart from studying, I spend my time watching shows like Quantico. Quantico is my current addiction. I strongly recommend you to watch that show if you have not watched it before. Here is the link to watch the trailer. Trust me you will be hooked.  Quantico trailer



Sleepless nights- follow me on snapchat at Pickypriya

Anyways, that’s all I have for now folks. I try my best to go back to my usual Sunday uploads. Do like , comment and follow my blog for more posts which will now go back to being weekly once routine. Like if you feel the same way and comment below your experience in a new school or college.I am back with a bang and I hope you guys are in your happy place !



Farewell 2015

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Hey guys! It has been a while since i posted on my blog and i apologize to all my followers and readers. I have been really busy with packing , cleaning, sorting and getting used to the new place . Why pack and clean ? Where are you going?  Well… i have moved  on to the next phase of life ~COLLEGE!

Here are some pictures of the farewell we took at the airport . Spot the lipstick stains….

My JC mates could not send me off because they were having exams. So instead we met a week before where we had an amazing time from singing songs to getting lost and just simply making a fool of ourselves. i was so glad that they took time off their busy schedule just to meet me especially since all of them had already started college .

If you look closely in two of the pictures, I look like a ghost and these two were taken after numerous attempts and we had reached the point where we gave up and I was the ghost of the day. Cheers to being a ghost!!

Being the emotional person i already am, saying goodbye to my friends and family was not easy. These were the people who were there for me at my lowest points in life. They’ve been nothing but supportive and always had my back . I’m going to miss them dearly but as i believe, Goodbyes are not forever  and i hope to seed them soon when i come back to Singapore for Vacations. I’m not leaving them but instead bringing with me loads of memories  and gifts given by these amazing people in my life.

Moving on to the next part of my life was difficult. Firstly i had to adapt to the weather. Singapore being a really hot and humid country i very much different from California. Although many have said that the weather in California is rather pleasant, which i must agree, the change from an equatorial country like singapore to one like California is rather drastic and I am indeed having a hard time getting used to the weather.

Moreover, i am currently staying with my cousins , a decision made by my parents but a rather good one i must add. Staying with my cousins who have been here for many years has actually helped me in getting used to the country as well as financially less of a burden to my family. Also, staying with my cousins is a midway step to being independent as i would still be away from my parents and yet have the feel i was home.

That’s all we have for now folks! and if any of you are staying in California ( San Fransisco) do comment below so i can make new friends here. Do like , comment and follow my blog for more posts which will now go back to being weekly once routine. I am back with a bang and i hope you guys are in your happy place !



White, Gold and Glitter Henna

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Hey guys!

Today morning, i woke up to a  text message from a close friend of mine.

Priya! BB! Should i start doing coloured henna? Like White , gold and glitter? Do do think people will be interested in that?

I was initially unsure and to be honest skeptical. I then went to my best friend – GOOGLE and googled some images on coloured henna and i was amazed. One word. BEAUTIFUL!




When we talk about henna, we only think of one colour but with henna now being exposed to western culture and more coloured henna came to existence.With the new hype of metallic temporary tattoos and Coachella inspired tattoos, coloured henna could also be pert of the hype.

Personally i would love to try black and white henna rather than glitter henna. I will also link my friend’s henna services and the link to her Facebook. Feel free to contact her if you are from Singapore or JB to make an appointment with her or alternatively comment below.

 Daisy Stains- Henna Services


Name: Sunanda

  • All bookings are to be made latest 5 days before the day of appointment.
  • All charges are based on design and travel charges apply

    1. Just For Fun / etc.

    For those who are going over to her place to apply henna, have to book at least 2 days in advance .

    As for those who wants her to travel  ~ 1-5 people: at least 5 days prior notice
                                                                    > 5 people: at least 7 day prior notice.
    You can pick your own designs and ask for quote price, or go spontaneously and pick from the selections 
  • Birthday party

      For birthday girl (or extra 2 people) – bookings made 3-4 days in advance.

    For price quota, send your designs and she will give  a rough price, and  proceed to book appointment.
    If greater than 4 people – bookings made 5-7 days in advance.
  • Bridal/Engagement Henna

    For bridal bookings, please book at least 7 days in advance.

    You can choose to come to her place (FOC/No travel charges) or she can come to your place (Travel charges apply).

Sunanda has done henna for me and i’m really glad that i went to her because she is patient and really talented. She is also able to draw designs that she has never seen or practiced before. Her passion for this is also another thing that i took notice off and i really think that you guys should try it out!

Also do check this page out! Thank you! I really hope you could support her as well!

That’s all we have for now folks! Do like this if you would try coloured henna and which one you would be interested in. Till the next blog post!



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Happy National Day fellow Singaporeans! Today marks a very important day to all of us no matter which part of the world we are from. Singapore has finally turned 50! While some of us would be at the Padang or esplanade watching the fireworks, i am at home enjoying this day with my family watching the National Day Parade on Television.

This year’s parade was amazing. starting from inviting the cabinet members to the PM and then the drama replaying how Sang Nila Utama found Singapore to the World War 2 to the rise of Singapore under the leadership of Mr Lee Kuan Yew to the wonderful National Day Songs and last but not least the spectacular fire works

However, National Day and the Parade was not the same and will never be the same  without  Mr Lee Kuan Yew. I was glad they left a seat for him as we knew that where ever he is he will definitely be present with us on the padang on this special day.



before ending this blog post, I wish all Singaporeans all over the world a Happy National Day and for those in Singapore, enjoy the remaining of the jubilee weekend while i wait for 10.30 pm for my favourite  movie to start. Do like and comment below how you felt the parade was and what your favourite part of being in Singapore is #singaporepride! Do follow me for more posts! Thank you all for everything! Love you


Anxiety, Negativity and more!

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Hey guys!  Today’s post is a little bit more serious and personal. I’ve been wanting to talk about this issue for a long time but just have not been able to. I always attributed my blog to positivity, happiness, good vibes where i bring you guys to my world  once a week for a short while. A world filled with rainbows and unicorns, my happy place.


However, the past few weeks have not been in my favour. I have had countless moments of negativity as you guys might have seen from my twitter posts. A lot of events have happened recently and let’s get real here, i was not the happy bubbly chirpy person that i usually am. My happy place was filled with chaos. I had conflicts with my friends where i lost some people who meant the world to me, had conflict within my family and was under a lot of pressure. There were no rainbows in my happy place as the sun was no longer shining but replaced with storms.

I started isolating myself from people, muting watsapp groups from time to time. I could not sleep properly at night and used to lay awake till 3-4 am which is rare for me because i enjoy my beauty sleep. I stopped entertaining people with my nonsense and would give them one word replies to whatever they asked.


My anxiety became worse and i would have more frequent panic attacks. I needed some time alone away from people as well as blogging even though I really enjoy blogging .
So I apologise for the recent inconsistent blogging and I’m back.

Comment below if any of you readers have suffered or are suffering from anything like anxiety and how you guys deal with it. Also let me know in the comments section if you want me to have a separate blog post on anxiety. Thank you all so much for your support! Love you!!



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Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim followers and friends out there. I hope that you have enjoyed that day with your friends and family, the various Raya delicacies and many more! To those not celebrating Hari Raya i hope that you had an amazing holiday (if they have it in your country).


I know that it has been while since i blogged , about two weeks since my last post, but i was really stressed and busy and just needed some time alone. During these two weeks, i came across the #don’tjudgechallenge. It was something that really caught my attention.


A couple of my friends actually tried this challenge. Initially i was all for this challenge encouraging my friends to take part in it. I felt that this challenge is about expressing natural beauty and being proud of how one looks and feels without makeup. I thought that this would be a challenge for us girls /women to feel comfortable and confindent in our own skin. I mean, it is the don’t judge challenge right? We are not suppose to judge anyone no matter how they look naturally.

However as the week went by my opinions started to change. I still stand by the fact that we are suppose to feel confident and happy with how we look naturally however, i felt that people have misunderstood the main aim and purpose of the challenge. People use markers or eyeliners or whatsoever to create unibrows, moles,acne scars, pimples, broken teeth and whatnot then cover the camera and then apply more makeup to show that they are flawless. How is this even promoting the appreciation of natural beauty? It is supposed to be a positive challenge . It is supposed to remove the negative stigma that people have some people are better than others just because they are deemed more good looking by the world. How do you measure beauty? Isn’t this challenge suppose to prove that we are all humans with flaws and despite these flaws, we are just as beautiful.

Many a times , people have deemed this challenge as ‘stupid’ and i used to disagree with it. I still do. I feel that we have misunderstood the main purpose of this challenge. To me, this challenge now seems like a joke. It seems like a short video where good looking people purposely make themselves ‘ugly’ , acting like they how it feels to be called ugly and bullied based on physical looks. Who are you to decide what is ugly and what is not? How is having a unibrow ugly? Is there a beauty code or a law for beauty or any scientific evidence that proves that people with unibrows are ugly? Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder a very famous saying i might add. It maybe your preference but there is no such definition of what beauty is. Some may feel that  people with freckles are cute while others may not. Almost everyone has had acne at some point of their life , if you have not had acne GOD BLESS YOU child for having good genes or whatsoever, but its just a natural process that your skin undergoes.


It is suppose to be a don’t judge challenge and yet when some people do the don’t judge challenge , there are negative comments like “eww so ugly” or whatnot. Also there are these groups of people that take this challenge as a joke and make a fool out of themselves.


I just want to add my little bit by saying that yes, some people may look better than others physically but in our own little way, we all are beautiful. We should love ourselves for who we are and how we look. People should judge us for or personalities or attitude and more rather than our looks. We are born looking like that . We are perfectly imperfect and that just makes us who we are. There is more to a person than just his skin colour, how she looks or the way he dresses. Get to know the person and you may be surprised.


Let me know in the comments what you think about the #don’tjudgechallenge and give this post a like if you agree with me. Also Reblog this post to anyone you feel is beautiful in his or her own way telling them that you are beautiful. Do follow me for more such posts and it really means so much to me.  Stay in your happy place and know that you are my kind of perfect;perfectly imperfect!